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Food Prices
Fuel prices impact farms and families.

National Truck Driving Championship
Drivers from across the country participated in the 70th annual truck diving competition.

Modest Truck Tonnage Forecast
The slumping housing market expected to hurt the trucking industry.

LNG Powered Vessel
A new generation of environmental friendly platform supply vessels are on the way.

Kensignton Tunnel Completed
Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation announced completion of 12,000-foot tunnel.

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Shipping Advice

Regardless of what you are shipping, it can be a complicated process.  Learn as much as possible about the product, packaging and holding time needed for transport.  Inspect before shipping or have knowledgeable, quality control staff involved and always use a reliable transport company. 

Items such as Fresh and frozen food require refrigerated equipment to maintain quality and delays or lapse in temperature management from origin to final destination can be devastating. Other commodities like electronics require dry and fragile sensitive transportation as well as secure storage.

Not all freight companies can assure quality in these areas so choose carefully.  There are (fly-by-night) outfits that offer low rates but little or no customer support or monitoring of shipments and others who only offer “service” by outsourcing shipments to several other companies without even handling your freight. 

To help protect your shipment(s) from unnecessary disasters, always use an established transport company with dedicated staff and locations near to where you ship to and from. For more information about one-stop or full service freight transpiration visit Alaska freight and shipping.


Shipping Prices

What effects pricing of shipments?  There are many factors involved, such as volume, type of materials, dimensions, weight, origin and destination, the length or method of transport and so on.

To estimate shipping prices, a carrier, freight forwarder or freight consolidator will need to know exactly what you intend to transport and for what date(s).  And often, depending on your relationship with a freight company additional or unforeseen costs can occur. 

Consider the commodities to be shipped, their frequency and methods needed for delivery and remember not all transport companies are created equal!  Some companies can only provide simple services, not logistical or support for multiple points of delivery so choose a full service company such as a freight forwarder or freight consolidator.


Port Security

The Container Security Initiative (CSI) now established in over 35 major international seaports pre-screens shipping containers for illicit or dangerous materials before they are loaded on vessels bound for the United States.

Additional security measures have been added to local ports, including electronic tracking (such as RFID systems) of containers and security clearances and checks on domestic carriers and shippers.


Identifying Hazardous Materials

Determine if your shipment regulated by Department of Transportation (DOT) by identifying the materials using the Hazardous Materials Table (HMT) or by contacting a freight forwarder familiar with such rules and regulations.

All carriers are required to declare if a shipment contains hazardous materials and additional charges for handling and transport may apply.  Steep penalties are given for any “hazmat” (hazardous material) not declared, even for very small quantities so never assume your products or items are excluded.


Alaska Geography Facts

Alaska is vast!  From North to South it is 1,420 miles and from east to West it is 2,400 miles wide with 6,500 miles of coastline and including islands, 33,904 miles of shore. 

17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are located in Alaska, including Mt. McKinley which is the tallest mountain in North America at 20,320 feet from top to bottom.

The Alaska State park system is the largest in the United States with over 3 million acres and including preserves and monuments; a staggering 54 million acres total. 


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